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Not all local charter bus services share our concern about safety and performance. Lakealand Tours, LLC goes the extra mile when it comes to you and your group and working hard to provide you with what we believe is the safest solutions in charter bus transportation service. There are many factors that make up the chemistry of a safe and reliable charter. Affiliates of Lakealand Tours are some of the most experienced charter bus owners and operators in their market. Lakealand Tours, LLC qualifies each operation by looking at a number of factors which include years of experience, age of fleet and by checking and providing a constant review of their Federal safety record as reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Charters (Available 24 hours a day to take your group wherever they need to go.) Transfers (One-way short distance non-stop trips. The pick up and drop off locations must be within a three-mile radius of each other) Corporate events (Company outings, conventions, meetings, golf outings, holiday parties, special events, etc.) Parties (Birthday, bachelor, bachelorette, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversary, etc) Over the road - Family Reunion trips, golf trips, casino trips, church retreats, football games, basketball games, etc. Weddings - Rehearsal dinner, guest shuttle, bridal party transportation, etc. Sporting events - Professional teams, school teams, college teams, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, ice skating – players and fans! Conventions - Shuttles, site inspections, etc.