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American Vacation (雄獅巴士公司) 成立於1999年2月。本公司實力雄厚,熱誠為旅客、各公司及旅遊同業提供優質服務。巴士車隊目前總共有11部車輛,包括北美最高級舒適的PREVOST豪華旅遊巴士58座位8輛、56座位1輛、31座位1輛、29座位一輛。每車皆購買五百萬美元意外保險。專業團隊管理巴士的營運,靈活調配、車輛定期維修及專業牌照司機駕駛車輛,確保每位旅客安全、舒適。 At American Vacation, we have the confidence to provide tourists, companies and travel agencies with the best quality transportation services. All of our drivers are experienced and highly trained, and all of our buses have five million dollars accident insurance. We currently own 11 high-end Prevost buses (8x58seaters & 1x56seaters; 1x31seaters; 1x29seaters). We maintain our buses regularly and make sure they are operating at their highest performance. Safety, quality, and honesty are our top priorities.